Friday, April 10, 2009

going going then not going at all

fiddling around today with the camera and the $15.95 
faux fur coat i found today at an antique shop; 
what a deal yeah???

i feel...i feeeeeeel kind of blue today, not a stranger 
of a feeling at all, quite a friendly old feeling if you 
know what i of those feelings that's 
not new at all...but you know, i have to get over it, 
it's almost like feeling sorry for myself if i get to 
feel blue all the time.........................

well, the clothes in the pics (except the faux fur) 
have not been purchased recently, oldies, stuff i 
decided to pull out of the closet

pic 1 and 2: goodwill dress and shoes, 
target socks (i thiiink), vintage 
coat and necklace

pic 3: vintage necklace and coat, 
priorities tank top and f21 jeans

i have an incomplete project going on, in a bathroom - 
to do a mural piece of whatever i want! but! it's not 
going well at all! feeling incomplete internally about it, 
maybe that's where the blueness is rooting 
from, maybe oh maybe oh may bee, just may be
a maybe



coco said...

i LOVE that first outfit! the blue socks, brown shoes, bright orange dress and the fur coat is just a killer combo!!

coco said...

and i hope ur day will brighten up:) cuz we all go thru those days.. but tomorrow wil be a better day! listen to music, and do something u really love!! when i listent o music and clean my room, it helps me take my mind off things

Anonymous said...

yes, what a deal!

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

I love the socks/oxfords look, I really need to get a pair of oxfords!

She's Dressing Up said...

Love the blue knee socks! Hope you wake up tomorrow feeling happier!

Carolina Botelho said...

nice jacket!!