Friday, April 10, 2009

going going then not going at all

fiddling around today with the camera and the $15.95 
faux fur coat i found today at an antique shop; 
what a deal yeah???

i feel...i feeeeeeel kind of blue today, not a stranger 
of a feeling at all, quite a friendly old feeling if you 
know what i of those feelings that's 
not new at all...but you know, i have to get over it, 
it's almost like feeling sorry for myself if i get to 
feel blue all the time.........................

well, the clothes in the pics (except the faux fur) 
have not been purchased recently, oldies, stuff i 
decided to pull out of the closet

pic 1 and 2: goodwill dress and shoes, 
target socks (i thiiink), vintage 
coat and necklace

pic 3: vintage necklace and coat, 
priorities tank top and f21 jeans

i have an incomplete project going on, in a bathroom - 
to do a mural piece of whatever i want! but! it's not 
going well at all! feeling incomplete internally about it, 
maybe that's where the blueness is rooting 
from, maybe oh maybe oh may bee, just may be
a maybe


Sunday, April 5, 2009

soon to be dry cleaned jumper

soooooooooo, i purchased again; goodwill of course

i told myself i wouldn't buy anything for a while, but i,
like a lot, naturally go scan clothing whenever whenever


and i spotted 2 jumpers! the one i'm wearing in the picture is 
liz claiborne, and the other (not taken a picture of because
it seriously needs to be dry cleaned, more so than the l.c. jumper
in the picture) is all that jazz; i'll post a pic of the jazz one some
day, it's pretty neat, tie dye, buttoned down jumper

dooda dooda, do do do do do do, da, do da, do da

ok, that was just a tune from...i don't remember, it was 
in my head and i believe it's a kiddy sing a long kind of song