Sunday, October 10, 2010


on an average day, you probably change 2-3 times -
in a week, 14-21 times yeah??
i'm not going to do the math for a year, so, my
direction is, or the question i'm trying to get at is,

why do we collect so many articles of clothing?

that much clothing, that much cotton, silk, leather,
etc., etc., is heavy, no? so heavy.

i mean, i'd rather switch to a collection of a lot of ideas;
but what's the point of a collection of a lot of ideas
when you can't create it?



create ideas
create clothes


Monday, October 4, 2010

brown lace

got brown lace pants today for $5 at this consignment clothing store...
another shot at those lace pants yo!!!

i wore the lace pants with a white tee, red lipstick, a golden necklace
and pearl necklace and vivienne westwood plastic pumps

p.s. sorry for the mess, we're in the process of moving...


in what direction am i heading?

i feel stagnant, but going in mult-directions
as if i was in the center of a circle, and there
are forces not pulling me nor pushing me
in all directions of the circle, which causes
me to still be in the center of the circle

does that make sense??

in other words, i'm doing things which
negate each other, therefore causing no
production, no progression

but isn't negation ideal? doing things that negate
each other to come to a new start, a clean plate,
in order to do it all over again in a different light,
isn't that what makes one's world go 'round?

maybe i am ok
maybe i am not ok
maybe it doesn't matter

Friday, October 1, 2010

spinach, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, christmas-sy??
i do like red+green combos a lot, they are such awesome
compliments on the color wheel...
1 dollar nail color, fake tattoo, haha, not really a fake tattoo,
i drew it on my hand today-nice eh?? tattoos tattoos...