Wednesday, November 26, 2008

cousin's wedding, and misc.

some misc. pics (the first one is from today!  my husband took
a shot of me cooking the night before thanksgiving, and the
2nd is of my mommy and i)

i was one of the 5 bridesmaids for my cousin's wedding this
past weekend; here are some pics - we all wore the
concord grape bridesmaid dresses the whole day!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

yo got big pants yo

vuurry good suggestion from keiko on my previous post -
to list what i am wearing; i was thinking to do that, but
easy to forget me had forgot

visiting fashion blogs for like the past month or so, i did 
notice that detail, the detail of listing what brand/store
the item is from, it gives the outfit more layers, wow/no wow,
ponderness (if that is a word), etc. etc.

big pants for this post! not so big, but ok ok big

(that is a smile with a tear drop of happiness on its face)


1st outfit: cardigan - hazel, pants - arden b., wedges (barely visible) - kenzie
2nd outfit: shirt - priorities, pants - freepeople, heels(barely visible) - two lips

p.p.s. cat in pictures!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i have started!?

i've always liked bold colors; in this outfit, 
i love the bold, cobalt blue? royal blue? skirt!
the skirt i found at goodwill, good ole', buddy
buddy goodwill that i love to go whenever
i feel like shopping


Sunday, November 16, 2008

"i wonder what it's all about"

the quote is from coldplay's "the hardest part"

i wonder, as oppose to what chris martin wonders,
what i'm bringing to work for lunch this coming 
tuesday? and i wonder what i'm going to be
eating tonight

ok, i've decided to dedicate my first picture
post to past outfits yeah? to pictures i have
of myself, say 1-2-3 years ago?

hopefully, this will help me


Friday, November 14, 2008

"there's always tomorrow"

the quote is from my sister; she said it when i 
was feeling sad today

i really try hard to write, to type out what i feel, 
how i feel and maybe what triggered that particular 
feeling; lately the feelings have been too dashing, too
non-chronic, too unstable, that i lose it - that i lose 
that one detailed, fragile feeling and unfortunately 
for me, i can't learn, i can't build and progress and 
develop a healthier, emotional me

however, it'll be ok; everything is going to be alright


i hope this, this virtual blog, will do