Saturday, May 2, 2009


so i went shopping today, my leg hurts, actually, both my right leg
AND the right arm hurts


is that a sign for something???

i guess not, i hope not, we'll seeeeee

so this shopping thing has to stop, i hate purchasing stuff
other than food, but that might not be true cuz
why then do i go shopping in the first place??
gahhhh, i'm confusing myself

pooohh dooohhh dooooo

i feel messy, all over the place and sloppy and not gunna
bother walking over the my clothes to figure out
what brands they are or even trying to remember where 
they're from
i will be better at this soon

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

oooh i like those brown mocs. they will go with everything!! i'm sorry to hear ur arm and leg hurts:( being a shopaholic is not easy, i can concur