Sunday, April 5, 2009

soon to be dry cleaned jumper

soooooooooo, i purchased again; goodwill of course

i told myself i wouldn't buy anything for a while, but i,
like a lot, naturally go scan clothing whenever whenever


and i spotted 2 jumpers! the one i'm wearing in the picture is 
liz claiborne, and the other (not taken a picture of because
it seriously needs to be dry cleaned, more so than the l.c. jumper
in the picture) is all that jazz; i'll post a pic of the jazz one some
day, it's pretty neat, tie dye, buttoned down jumper

dooda dooda, do do do do do do, da, do da, do da

ok, that was just a tune from...i don't remember, it was 
in my head and i believe it's a kiddy sing a long kind of song


1 comment:

coco said...

turquoise AND silk?! lucky!!