Friday, September 17, 2010

sequins and stripes

heyy heyyy hey, i found this top yesterday, it's from f21
(but it's thrifted), and i feel it's-a-gunna-be a very versatile
tube top! i can see it paired with a nice pencil skirt, or a high-
waisted skirt, of endless choices in color cuz it's so full of
color itself

anywwaaaaaayy, i paired it with striped pants from banana
republic, and a floral top from karen kane that i had
for yeeeaarrrss

my grandmother's bday is this weekend, i am hoping to
find her some loose, house pants she has wanted for a while;
she wants me to only spend a buck or 2??! crazy lady, even if
i find them cheap, i doubt it'll be thaaaat cheap - garage sales!

1 comment:

Keiko said...

what a funny grandma u have!