Friday, August 27, 2010

"pour me, poor me floating out to sea"

i got this dress a while back, never wore it out or anything,
it's just been hanging around, doing nothin but being around, haha

it's an alice + olivia dress, niiiiice details on it, like the
jewels around the top, and what i love is the open back,
i looove love anything open back, since i guess i'm small
boobed, i like to show off back sometimes


booo pooooooo, i've been feelin in a rut a bit,
but going to pull out of it soon i am hoping, i am
planning to go on a walk/jog in the AM
with matt, so crossing fingers i will wake up and
DO IT, i need to just do it, nike is so smart!

p.s. see the mannequins in the background!!???


Keiko said...

beautiful dress! i love the shape! and your back is very sexy:)

My Republic of Fashion said...

Really cute dress. :)SarahD