Saturday, January 3, 2009

i feel scrambled

lately i haven't been feeling the "blog" thing; i guess
the blog thing is that mood you're in to share, to snap snap
snap pictures to post post post to the world world world


oh well, i'm trying to feel it because i really want this blog of
clothing, outings  etc. etc. to work; i will have to find that inspiration
within, with time - with me, around me...

1.  goodwill hat and purple cardigan thing, old navy tank top
2 and 3.  vintage blouse, old navy shorts, hanes panty hose, 
target stockings and goodwill ankle heels
4 and 5.  one piece dress from an incense store, white tee, leggings 
from t.j. maxx (brand not visible anymore) and vintage shoes


coco said...

im really feelin the purple cardigan/jacket. very nice!! i also like pic 2 and 3! country yet urban..
i really like ur blog! keep it up:)

♥ fashion chalet said...

i agree, sequins are so fun to wear and look at it, thanks :)

pretty dresses !!


She's Dressing Up said...

I love the tights/socks combo!

yiqin; said...

You look great in the hat! & I love the long dress. Looks fab!

Vintage Tea said...

Hope you keep it up.


JuliAM said...

i know what you mean...i sorta lost the will to blog for a 4 month stretch...not helped by the fact that i didn't have internet haha